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Time is a favor, every day is a new day, an extended grace.

Combined from two words; time and favor, the idea ‘TIVOR’ came as an reminder that no matter how bad a day is, it is not the end. Every midnight as the time ticks pass 12:00am, a new day has come, signifying hope and opportunity. Time is a favor, every day is a new day, an extended grace.

Closer to home, time is a scarce resource that money can’t buy. Quality time is the biggest favor one can give and receive. We hope that as you wear our timepieces, you are reminded to live slowly, and be present to appreciate the love you received.


Fueled with overflowing enthusiasm in watches, long-term friends Bo Vi and Jezreel, whom based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia decided to turn their passion into venture to share their vision of timepieces. As an architect, we have always wanted to try to turn my vision into everyday object. We believe that a good design gives joy and uplift one’s quality of life. We started with watches as it has a personal meaning and emotional appeal to it. There are other products planned in the pipeline as we speak.


We aim to build unique watches that offer timeless design that would remain favored for years to come. With that in mind, our watches are built with timeless aesthetic and backed by durable materials that ensure you looking great while keeping track of your most precious possession: time.


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